Yixing encapsulation co., LTD., established in Kings1999Years,Enterprise is located in yixing city officer Lin industrial clusters,Covers an area of total area70m,The total area of the building5Million square meters;It happened7Composite membrane production line、High speed cutting machine8Taiwan、Automatic slicing machine16Taiwan,Multi-functional die cutting machine2Sets。Enterprise employees180Many people,Annual output can reach15000Tons,2016Annual sales1.6Hundred million yuan,The company around50%Products for export。 

       Yixing king powder coating co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of powder coating film of high and new technology enterprise,The company always pays attention to product upgrading and innovation,Has a professional technical team and facilities of the product research and development laboratories,With a number of independent intellectual property rights,The successive development of viscous encapsulation film、Three layer encapsulation film、Encapsulation film coil、Since the card、Laminated material、Bind the cover、Laser printing film and other products series,Various products to meet customer demand。

       To follow“By the good faith to win customers、By the quality win the market”The principle of,Products by Europe and the United States、Japan、South Korea and other international customers。Over the years,We always adhere to the strict product quality management as we should do for the customer,And put the idea into the minds of each employee,From this,We get the support of many customers long-term stability。 Advanced production equipment is our permanent guarantee of product quality,United diligent staff team is the solid foundation on which our sustainable development。Yixing city king powder coating co., LTD., to provide customers with timely、Considerate service,Strive to become first-class hot melt composite materials manufacturing and professional service providers。


1aa00024King encapsulation2018Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition a success

1Month22Day-24Day,Our company to attend2018Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition of stationery,Booth numberC098。▲Pomp of the exhibition▲Our company booth⊙This exhibition,Our company introduced two new….....


aa000018Passionate youth Dream of the king——2018Happiness yangzhou line

9Month16Day000000-00-0-0-0-07Day,The company all staff to carry out“Passionate youth Dream of the king”Theme tourism activities。The leisure trip,Is to let employees to relax,To exploit….....

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  • 1aa00024
    King encapsulation2018Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition a success1Month22Day-24Day,Our company to attend2018Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition of stationery,Booth numberC098。▲Pomp of the exhibition▲Our company booth⊙This exhibition,We introduced two new product,Flexible plastic sealed membrane respectively and scratch resistant encapsulation film,Make the guest…
  • aa000028
    Raw material prices trend in SeptemberIn SeptemberPETThe trend in SeptemberEVA
  • aa000004
    A city of civilization He volunteered9Month3Day,The company16Volunteers to build civilized city activities。 The activity around the streets clean、Travel civilization、Green environmental protection, etc,A concentration of volunteer service activities,Formation of compassion、To build a beautiful city…
  • aa000011
    Happiness of the worldIn order to further make happiness of Kings,Show the company people-oriented cultural atmosphere,Fully affirmed the general staff's hard work,8Month4Day000000-00-0-0-0-00Day,Company organization length of ten years and above of outbound tourism employees and their families,To the tourism…
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    Raw material prices trend in July7MonthPETTrends in the market7MonthEVATrends in the market
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    Town of trade unions“Send cool summer”Activities7Month24Day,Town union for further care about grass-roots staff's physical and mental health,Passing the union love and care to employees,Effectively improve the worker summer production and living conditions,The high temperature weather worker earnestly labor protection the job,We will effectively protect the job…
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    Raw material prices trend in May5MonthPETTrends in the market5MonthEVAThe trend of market
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    Happiness of fun shooting game5Month19Day,In order to further make happiness of Kings,Improve employee happiness,Rich full life of employees,Strengthening solidarity and collaboration、Friendly mutual aid team culture construction,Companies hold happiness king fun shooting game。 Game set4A…
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  • aa000028
    Sweat coagulation dream Accumulate mouldsJust in the past2017Years,Is the enterprise development achieved remarkable results,Over the past year,All the staff overcome difficult、Valiant rushed,Target task smoothly,Make a positive contribution to enterprise development。Over the past year,Enterprises and employees…

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